Who doesn’t love a good DIY project?

If you read my about page, you would have seen that I love DIY projects!

Crafting or building a piece of furniture is my go-to when I am feeling stressed. There is something about seeing a product and knowing that I could make that same item and be able to customize it that motivates me. The look on family and friend’s faces when you give them a gift that is handmade is something that will never get old to me. I love knowing that the piece is one of a kind and it can’t be bought in stores.

Let me start from the beginning..

When I was young, my favorite time of school was arts and crafts. As I grew up it wasn’t until high school that I realized I enjoyed making projects more than most of my fellow classmates. It wasn’t the information I was excited about, it was the visual aspect of it that I loved. I would make sure you could see my poster board and all the flashy accessories to go with it a mile down the hallway!

I took a few photography classes in school but never pursued that path much. When I got my first apartment, I was obsessed with decorating it.  Finally I had a space all my own that could be decorated any way I wanted. Countless hours were spent on craigslist searching for the right furniture or a piece of wall decor. When Mike and I first started dating, I asked him to build me a ladder shelf.  “Sure”, he said, “if you get me a wood shop”…  I had much to learn.


In our next house,

we both did the decorating and I finally got the craft room I had been wanting. Unfortunately the craft room held a double purpose as the guest room as well. We had many visitors so I didn’t get to spend much time in there while we lived there. I created a few pieces of jewelry for friends weddings but never really dove into it as much as I have now.

Wall mural I painted
Wall mural I painted the night before we opened

When we opened the pizza restaurant, I made many of the decor pieces on the walls by hand.  I also painted the wall mural…the night before we opened! It took me forever but it is something that I will never forget. I was so nervous, one thing you will learn about me is that I HATE messing up and doing things twice. I guess you would say I’m a perfectionist? Anyway, as I have said in other posts, we moved into my grandmother’s house. Let me tell you, one look at this place and it’s like walking back into the 70s! I’m talking hideous wallpaper and avocado harvest gold kitchen floors. BUT we are extremely grateful to have a place to live so we are making do and giving our spin on this old house.

One awesome thing about this house….my grandfather had a wood shop!

Hint Hint mike no more excuses about building me a ladder shelf! Since living here, I have realized where I picked up a lot of my craftiness. My grandfather had a wood shop that he spent most of his time in and he was really into ceramics. When he passed away suddenly 13 years ago, he left behind a lot of wood that hasn’t been touched. Mike and I have been using his wood and making beautiful pieces out of it. I think my grandfather would be so proud to see that his tools are being used again.

Since moving here, I have begun putting together the craft room of my dreams!  It’s a huge space I have to work in. Somehow it’s never enough space though! Mike calls me the tornado, I like to say its an organized disaster. It’s my space to be creative and block out the negative. It makes me feel calm.

Stay tuned for further DIY posts where I will be posting the projects Mike and I have been working on since we moved here as well as keeping everyone up to date on upcoming projects currently on the drawling board!

In the next few months a lot of my projects will be based on my sisters wedding. I am the maid of honor and I’ve decided to make a lot of the decorations by hand. Last Christmas, I was given the Cricut Explore Air 2, it is an amazing machine. It has enabled me to do things that I probably would have shied away from before.

Another amazing company I have found is The Original Pink Box. I absolutely LOVE their tools. As you get to know me you will see that pink is my absolute favorite color. If it comes in pink, I most likely have it in that color regardless of what it is. I was given a lot of the tools for my birthday from Mike. I guess he got sick of me borrowing his tools and not putting them back in the right space, sorry babe!

Check back in the next few weeks we will have a store for our readers to shop some of the products I have handmade. I can customize just about anything and we are always up for a challenge! Any questions or requests feel free to shoot me an email. Stay tuned for more DIY projects in the next few months!

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